Nick Giron is not a photographer.

He’s a collector of experiences.

He’s a comedian – at least he thinks he is.

He’s an artist and musician who became a truck driver who became a wandering observer of culture.

But no matter how far he wanders – across the country or across the street – Nick’s always got his camera in hand.

Always looking for the next interesting person to meet.

The next interesting moment to capture.

And the next interesting experience to collect.

• New York Institute of Photography,

• Modesto Junior College

• Who’s Who in Business
• SPP Print Competitions
• Featured on Don Gianatti’s Creative Live
• Featured on LightingEssentials.com
• Named 1st Chair Baritone in HS Band

• A bunch of prestigious professional photography associations you couldn’t care less about


“Blah blah blah blah INCREDIBLE!” – Someone you don’t know

​”Blah blah NICE, TALENTED, and CHARMING” – Someone remotely famous

“GOOD FOR THE COUNTRY” – Soon to be embroiled politician


“Say cheese” – Bill Murray

“Dude, are my eyes seeing what my brain is telling my eyes that they’re seeing?” – James Roday

“two thirds fun, one third danger.” – Colin Hanks

“I friggin’ worship you man” – Owen Wilson

“… this guys is a combination of Leatherface, Chucky, and Jan Brady …” – David Spade

*If indeed they were saying something and not these lines from movies.

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