So this is the final installation. This is where I post my final thoughts on the subject and put it to rest.
Leaving these models out of it for a moment, my first take away is that if I am asking (begging haha) for business and the attention from potential clients, am I guilty of saying at some point after I get their attention “Never mind, I didn’t want to do business with you and your ilk anyway”. I think not. At least not in those words.
In this time of our economic trajectory I feel that if I wasn’t thanking and truly making clients feel appreciated, I might just be sending the wrong message to them by my neglect.
I was with a friend and he was shooting product with the AD in studio. Lunchtime rolled around and his wife was right there with four menus from local restaurants eager to be hospitable, and she is naturally gracious so there wasn’t any false fronts made. But if I were the client I would have felt a little spoiled. Not by the offer of lunch, but by the genuineness of the person offering.
That’s what I saw was a genuine appreciation of the business and the eagerness to reciprocate in a small way. It was awesome.
So back to the models. One was appreciative, the other? Pretty much a putz. Haha. But the contrast was so great it made me worry that I may be sending the same message not by being crass in my response to them, but by my LACK of response.
With this year closing down and the New Year on the horizon we should inventory the people that took a chance on hiring us and pay it backwards haha. Offer sincere appreciation for their business and show them the same sincerity I saw in expressing to them that they are important to our success and not the other way around.