So in my previous blog I had a survey over which model connected to which email after the shoot. Most of you were correct in your guesses. I’ll disclose the result later. But first, what happened before the shoot?

This was an email exchange between “Sam” and I.

This was my response to an introductory email requesting to shoot with me and asking if I would consider TFP. He liked my style and I was a photographer he wanted to work with.

Me; “I really appreciate the outreach to me.
I would love to do some work with you in the future.
My first thoughts are creating a pictorial picture board with you as a character in a series of photographs depicting a progression and development of a plot or theme.
I’ll look at my schedule and see when I might be available to at least sit down and meet with you.


Nick Giron”

Sam; “Thanks for the response! Your idea sounds exciting and something that would challenge me. That’s exactly what I’m looking for. My body is great for physique shoots but I really want to start adding more depth and background to my portfolio. This idea sounds exactly that. Do you do time and print? I would love to meet up with you or have a conversation to discuss further details. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you. ”

I had an opening for the shoot I had scheduled so I invited him.


Email exchange from “Pete” consisted of the invitation and his response.

Pete; “Hey Nick,

I was away from my computer just getting all this. I am very interested. My email is petethemodel@email you can email me the details there. I would like to hear what this is all about. I am not sure when it even is??


I followed up with particulars and everything was set in motion.

You know from reading the prior post that one of the models, “Sam”, was late. When I arrived at Studio 52 “Pete” was there waiting and chatting with Eric. We exchanged our greetings and moved directly into wardrobe selection for “Pete” to change into while Eric and I set lights.


Just a side note; Eric was working his 7th day that week to be there and open his studio up to me. He didn’t have to do that. But that’s the kind of guy Eric is. “Besties” do that kind of thing because they rock.

So the shoot went as expected.

On the car ride home “Sam”, the new model, was full of questions about modeling and getting gigs. When we returned to the parking lot and said our good-byes, I thought about nothing but getting home and unwinding.

The next day brought the surprise email and where we started this blog.

To be clear on the results;

“Sam” the new model, crafted email A. (See previous blog)

“Pete” the experienced model crafted email B. (See previous blog)

Next blog; Debriefing.

Comments and input before the next blog would be appreciated and encouraged. I’d love to know how we weigh in on this as photographers and models.