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So I recently shot some models this last weekend. Some experienced, some new.

If you are getting into modeling consider this, in the end, photographers hire models. We are one of the customers you are striving to impress.

Without much more setup, I’ll describe two different models. This is really what happened, nothing made up.

Model “Sam”

Showed up late. Made me late to location.

Brought minimum of clothes.

Couldn’t drive to location, car not reliable enough.

Took his turn in front of the camera, shot in underwear which were on inside out.

Underwear didn’t fit, were very baggy.

Couldn’t follow direction.

Ate dinner bought by photographer. heh.


Model “Pete”

Showed up early.

Had his own clothes with a great selection for his genre.

Collaborated with photographer on looks and wardrobe.

Took direction easily.

Helped create unique looks.

All wardrobe was neat, organized and wrinkle free.

Brought multiple pairs of shoes boots.


On the next day I received these messages. Your job is to decipher who sent each message.


Message A.

Keep your photos, I wasn’t impressed by you or the potential of your “aspiring models”. I have no interest in you being part of my portfolio.

Message B.

Hi Nick,

I wanted to say thank you for today. I really enjoyed the shoot and the space was great. I think we did some really interesting stuff and would live to take it further. You and Eric were great and would love to work with both of you again.

I hope you got some stuff that will work for your port as well. I forgot to ask did you have a model form or release? I look forward to seeing the images and working with you in the future