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I looked online for a portable beauty dish that would be able to take up little space as I traveled. I do a lot of location portraiture and a rigid beauty dish doesn’t pack well with a camera backpack.

Easy to tag along on assignments.

When I researched the Chimera I was impressed with the build quality. This is very important to me because when you’re on the road it just isn’t always possible to baby your gear. Chimera is a pretty trusted name. But with that name also comes a price.
After substantial shopping I found mine for around $300 for a complete kit (BD, bag, speedring and bracket).

If you are just purchasing the beauty dish, you won’t get a speedring with it or the strobe bracket. I guess it could be a $$ saver if you already own a Chimera speed ring. But by having to purchase one it made entry into the Chimera brand kind of steep.

I mostly use the dish without the diffuser but am very happy with the quality of light with or without it.

Without diffusion



With diffusion

Pricewise it is on the upper end of the scale for similar items, but that is mostly due to quality.
I have not regretted this purchase in the least and it is a valuable tool for my gear toolbox.