Tyson-Fischer-webI was on a recent road trip to Idaho. I was moving a trailer up to Idaho and picking up a new trailer in return. It was a trip for a trucking company I help out when need be.

The trip was very easy getting up to Idaho. The roads were clear and the scenery was gorgeous. Winter on this particular route can go anywhere from boring and mundane to drop dead gorgeous. It can also go from simple, mindless driving to total white out snow and survival. I lucked out. I got “mundane” and “gorgeous”.

Coming back through Oregon on the return trip I like to stop in Jordan Valley to get coffee at the Rock House. It’s a little coffee house that can mix my mocha without killing my shots. Almost hard to do at Starbucks these days.

As I was enjoying my mocha and doing some editing, another customer walked in. Judging from his clothes he was an avid outdoor enthusiast. Judging from his request to fill up a five gallon water container, it meant there was more to the story.

I chatted him up and after a few minutes we discovered we were both photographers. Pretty amazing considering the locale where we crossed paths. In fact he’s a talented landscape/nature photographer. His name is Tyson Fisher. Visit the link for some really cool stuff.


He was on a trek for the next month. His Subaru packed to the gills with camera, 8×10 sheet film and provisions. He was taking a break so I asked if I could take a portrait, and he obliged. I was happy that I shot inside and outside. I got two really cool looks.


Well we said our goodbyes and exchanged cards. And as I rolled into the next city with decent wi-fi, I checked on his site. I was very flattered to see that he had already put my portrait of him up on his bio page.

Huh. What a really cool trip this turned out to be.