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Dilly-DallySo another day in the life of a photographer. It’s all the typical things. Action, thrills, life on the edge and clowns. Yup. Clowns.

I was actually very eager to do this shoot. It was a promotional shoot for a clown in Woodland, CA. A clown called Dilly Dally. A country clown that specializes in balloon animals and objects of all shapes and sizes.

In my mind I was thinking high key for the versatility of being able to layer text over the top if need be. Plus it would help make the colors of the clown and her balloons dazzle. The next thing to do was find a white barn. I was nervous about this task as I always consider barns to be red. But there was actually no shortage of white barns in the area.


The set-up was kept simple so I could jump around the perimeter of the barn without a lot of gear. Shooting this assignment without an assistant made that a key consideration. Easy access was important as well because we had a limited window of time and finding a barn in a complex array of rural county roads could have been a disaster if we both ended up lost. (We met on location). As it was, Dilly Dally drove right by the set and had to go to the next off-ramp and double back.

I’m never going to get used to using clown names.

All in all the shoot was a success. It lasted about forty five minutes and yielded many winners. After the final selection was made, I sent the file off to the magazine. Mission accomplished. Every one was happy and I ended up with a car full of balloon animals for my tip.