.  .  and I’m sitting at the kitchen table enjoying a cup of French roast and listening to the smooth jazz seeping into the air from my Pandora “Tierney Sutton” station.

In another note my buddy Eric, in Dublin, just finished assisting on a shoot for a major food chain in his studio. I mean it was the entire dog and pony show with a camera tech, a couple wardrobe people, MUA, and a “Talent wrangler”. Not to mention the proprietary AD and suits that wandered in and out.

It was really cool to hear about this burst of activity out there. Especially when one of your buds gets the gig.

Talking about ad work, I had a wonderful opportunity to produce some great ad work get axed.

I met with an awesome young marketing/design guy to do some product photography, well, it was actually more than that. We had a lot of stuff that was going to be communicated in images for their brand.


Unfortunately, with some major capital expenditures to step up their game and move into a better position business-wise, they had to delay the project.

I’m hoping that in the near future this will turn around.

I was really excited about working with and for this company and their marketing guy. I can’t divulge the product or company, so we’ll just fill up space with this image for now.

I spent a couple hours last Saturday taking pictures of the Highland Games in Modesto.


Mary, Queen of Scots
(Or so she said)

It was a self assignment, and it was a blast. I knew nothing about Scottish history before this, now I am glad to report that I know just a wee bit more than nothing now. (Sorry)

The Saint Andrews Society sponsors this event every year. It’s a small fair that has booths with food, armor, all kinds of plaids and all things Scottish. Plus some food, (Did I mention that already?).

It also featured a couple sound stages and a live reenactment of proceedings in the court of Mary, Queen of Scots, complete with historic garb. 

There were also traditional games like the Caber Toss and a small archery range to try your hand at.

I am a sucker for Amazing Grace played on bagpipes.

I will admit that if you have never taken the time to do a self assignment, you should. They are too much fun, without the pressure of producing anything but fun pictures.


Dancing and all forms of frivolity and merriment were the order of the day. To see more images you can visit my Behance portfolio here http://bit.ly/K1ztxM