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So here I sit at La Bou on a Saturday morning listening to a group of Greek men at the next table discussing everything from politics to good shoes.

What a mouthful.

I’m also listening to music I just added to my computer.

I’m looking for a hook

It doesn’t matter what I listen to. If there’s no hook, I delete, eject, change channels or worse yet, turn it off and actually talk to people. *sigh*

I’m smitten by Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos. With the solid bottom end accentuating the phrasing, and the violins inquisitively winding their way through tightly bowed intervals in a “call and respond” “A” section.

Aah. Comfort and satisfaction.

I’m listening to interesting melodies and pop progressions with an inevitable wit and “hooky”  chorus constructed and performed by Elton John. Or even a soulful riff that anchors the intro to “Sweet home Chicago” by the rock icon Eric Clapton, played on his tobacco burst Stratocaster.

Mmm. Nirvana.

At times I so crave my “hook” fix that I wonder if I visibly drool, solidifying Pavlov’s findings.

In all the years holding down the solid tempo or groove of the bottom end, I’m looking for a hook to create. Something in the music that catches your attention enough to say “What was that? Wait, I think it’s going to happen again.”

To me it’s real similar to driving down an uninteresting stretch of road and then suddenly, “POW” you see a deer bound out of the brush and then back in. Your drive is now interesting. “When will I see the next deer?”

For some this is such a commonplace thing there is no satisfaction, just a “Ho hum. *yawn*” And that’s just a shame. Music and life are full of “hooks”. They are the interesting people we happen into conversations with. They are the flowers that weren’t there the last time you walked this path. Maybe the burst of sunshine that manages to peek through the clouds on a gloomy day.

My hook, outside of my music this morning, is a table full of Greek men. Full of passion, debate, friendship and camaraderie. Never uncivil yet never void of passion. They will greet each other and depart with a kiss on the cheek, and between each salutation they’ll accuse each other of being lunatics, or embrace them as like-minded debaters.

Aah. Enough of being a student to human interaction. Back to my music now.

I think I just heard a hook.