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About a month ago I had some lingering problems from a case of pneumonia I had in June. Being diligent at my age, I went in to have everything double checked. My doctor sent me to a specialist, yada, yada. Long story short, I was found to have a 2 cm mass in my lung they determined to be cancer.

My son, a nurse, said “Yeah, at your age that’s not good”

I was floored.

I had problems sleeping and I found myself “digging in” to finish picture projects and my portfolio. I was very focused on these things because I was thinking “Legacy”.
How would you react if you never knew which calender you bought could potentially be your last?

My family was devastated.

My previous vocation had me constantly away from home. My wife felt cheated because just when she got me back, she was destined to lose me.
My daughter, pregnant with her first child, and a “Daddy’s girl”, knew the plans we had to coach soccer teams together would be on hold. Needless to say, she became a constant fixture at our home. She just didn’t want to end up short on “Daddy time”.

I let the word out to some friends and all my family. I had an enormous support group of people praying and encouraging me.
I went in for a biopsy to determine extent and treatment.
The biopsy returned with the result, “No malignancy”.
Okay, so was this a cruel joke or what?

For me it was a wake-up call.

In retrospect, I would have had what other people didn’t have. A planned departure time.
I would have had time to tie up my lose ends and get affairs in order. Others don’t get that chance.

I have an enhanced focus on what i want to do with my life and what my “life’s work” should be. It would be awesome if a seed could be planted in others to realize what I did. Limit your life to what is important, and set your sails on your dreams.