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Beethoven’s Sympathique.

One of the most beautiful songs I know.

It’s familiar and at the same time bittersweet.

It’s funny how many songs we have that evoke a special meaning in our lives. Consider some of the songs you can link to pivotal moments in your life. Sweet moments, tragic moments, etc.

There are some songs to this day that revisit past pains, and are hard for me to hear, and force me to turn off the radio.

I would encourage you to take time and find soothing and meaningful music. Make a CD or a mix for your iPod or phone. Take it with you wherever you go. Whenever you can, steal away and enjoy your “Meaningful mix” in the quiet of the park. or stillness of an open space.

Vivaldi’s “Four seasons” is another favorite of mine.

Try taking a drive through a winding road this Fall. With your windows cracked enough that you can feel the brisk stroke of the wind and the smell of the earth changing it’s complexion to winter.

I hope a smile finds your face on that day.